About Us

Mr J.C. (Cyril) Anderson, C.B.E., is the man whose involvement with the road transport industry began in 1934. At that time he bought a two ton truck to carry goods from Brisbane to his general store and garage in Toowoomba and by 1936 he operated four vehicles.

The service in those days was known as “Cyril Anderson’s Transport” and eventually became Western Transport which operated Australia Wide, using 100 prime movers, 100 other trucks, 340 semi trailers, 14 refrigerated trailers, bulk fuel tankers and many other pieces of specialised equipment.

Development of the Great Western Group of Companies stemmed from the growth of Western Transport, the first venture being the entry into the marketing of motor vehicles in 1953 when Westco Motors was formed. During the next period various existing companies were added to the group and in 1972 Leader Trucks Australia was established.

Mr Cyril Anderson saw incredible growth and change in not only his own enterprises but in the manufacturing and transport industries of this nation. His vision and confidence in the potential of the Australian Truck Building Association Industries has been more than justified by the achievements of his group of companies.